Short songs for innovation


ISBN 9788896873403


Short songs for innovation


Riccardo Luna

The texts collected here are not editorial, even though they opened a newspaper. Nor are they post, even though the tone was equally informal. And not even reportage, even though they often photographed facts and people in action. They were “logins”, or rather, the words for connecting to the web: when I was creating the “Wired” project, and decided to call the director’s page by that name, I had no idea what it would become.

Above all for me. In almost thirty years of articles, I never managed to put as much soul into what I was writing as in these logins of “Wired”. And for two reasons: I was lucky to bring out the Italian version of the magazine, in February 2009, in a moment in which, slowly but with more and more conviction, innovation was taking hold. These logins narrate why there was the “Italian spring” and where it came from, and in their small way they contributed to strengthening the desire to turn over a new leaf and grasp the future that we now breathe. The other reason was the readers: not only readers but often players in the change taking place in the country. “Wired”, from this perspective, was not only a magazine, but a movement that also had a wonderful magazine. As of 4 July, I am no longer the director of “Wired”, but it certainly doesn’t stop here; we’ll go ahead in great numbers.