Free Santa Claus!

ISBN 9788896873380


Free Santa Claus!

Roberto Torti

Over the last few years, some days before Christmas, tens of red silhouettes appear in several balconies all over Italy, silhouettes that try to climb clumsily our houses. Hundreds, thousands of silhouettes, fat and funny Santa Clauses hanging from terraces, roofs, drainpipes. Moreover, these red, worn out, weathered sacks do not disappear after December 24th, but they are often left under the rain and the snow for weeks, forgotten, ridiculous, sad.

With this semi-serious essay, full of curiosity and funny moments, Roberto Torti analyses this phenomenon that date back to the garden dwarves era. A Christmas evolution? An attempt to humanize a holiday? A game for adults that do not want to grow up? Or a simple lapse to kitsch and the evidence that the “ugly” is moving forward?

First, you love Santa Claus, symbol of joy and happiness. Then, you hang his body out of your balcony. Something is wrong: this book wants to understand…