Don't forget the fringe!

ISBN 97888968734670


Don't forget the fringe!

Jill Vergottini

The Vergottinis is an Italian family of hair stylists and image consultants that shook up and dominated the Italian fashion in the 60’s and 70’s. They created hairstyles for celebrities and for who wanted to become a celebrity. Raffaella Carrà’s pageboy and Caterina Caselli’s “golden helmet” are just two famous examples. The “Vergottini hairstyle” is well known in Italy, where the family is a synonym of style, class and elegance.

Jill Vergottini talks about the art of the haircut, explaining dos and don’ts, how to take care of the perfect customer, how to choose the look that will define a celebrity, how to use hair colours. Moreover, she tells stories about her family, hairstylists’ secrets, the secrets of many celebrities, the only ones who could push Mr Vergottini to tear his hair out... A book for lovers of fashion, of the Italian style, of stories that hang in the balance between gossip and reality.